This picture I made represents security and insecurity. Tell me how you see it :)

It is still in the process of finishing, but I wanted to show my progress because thats just as important as the result.

Glory to God :)

Hey everyone I have an Internet’s for people who wants their hearts to be touched by the glory of God and all of God’s children need that…so if you would like to browse through some of the episodes and leave a comment if its so,etching that is on your heart to do :) God Bless :)

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Anonymous inquired The Lord loves you very much, thank you for your time in Christ.

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drowninginhismercy inquired Thanks for following, love! God bless(: xoxox

Thanks :) :)

Resting in The Lord

There is wisdom that wants to be given to every person (WHOEVER IS WILLING TO RECEIVE IT) and your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay or resist.

Check it out! My name is Ashley, I am 18 years old, and I am the Host of the Show. :D



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If only there was a football.

Hi my name is Ashley I am 18 years old and I didn’t make this tumblr just to show off myself. Jesus has put on my heart to not rub religous stuff in your faces but to simply use me as an empty vessel to give you a sample of what the kingdom of heaven is like. We can only have salvation if we have a relationship with Jesus Christ. The misconception many people have (including me at one point) is that being a christian means you say the sinners prayer and you are saved, that’s not the case at all. Our God is not like that at all! He wants us to know what our calling is, how to build our confidence in him, shed light on the confused deceived parts of our lives, and know nothing in this world will love us more than Jesus Christ. Salvation falls into deliverance, repentance, and wisdom. Salvation means God writes his love on our hearts so we won’t want to fall back into the world. Lets open our ears, stop looking at things from an intellectual perspective and open our hearts. Because the intellectual only appeal to the intellectual therefore falling short of reaching their hearts. Jesus came here to bind the broken hearted and set the captives free, believe and you will receive. You have already been blessed reading this, now let the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit teach you how you have been blessed. A proud heart makes us delusional, humble yourself and accept Jesus into your heart. It all begins with a child like faith. Jesus does not care what you are struggling with if you are willing to let him teach you and obey and walk in repentace that is all you need.